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In line with Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia’s (UTHM) wishes to further strengthen UTHM’s name, the University has introduced new UTHM logo that highlights acronym arrangement foregrounding UTHM’s name. The new logo is part of the rebranding of the University’s corporate image that looks more attractive and fresh. It was introduced in conjunction with the University’s 20th anniversary celebration. The transformation of the new logo is effective on 20th August 2013.

The overall concept of this logo symbolises UTHM as a public university that supports the development of science at various levels in the field of science and technology.

Hopefully with this new logo, UTHM will continue to be competitive and bring the university to a higher level of quality.

Guidance Notes

"The illustrations provided through this manual should be the ultimate source in the effort to resolve uncertainty or ambiguity".

Corporate Logo

Blue colour represents a close relationship among UTHM community in ensuring the progression and success of its programs and activities in education and research field that drive its contribution towards universal prosperity.

The red colour is the concept of courage UTHM has in exploring new fields as the pioneer of science application and technology as well as reflecting the spirit and identity of UTHM community.



Attention should be paid to avoid any modifications between the position of logo and the letters.

The letters 'U', 'T', 'H', 'M' for this logo type use Triplett CG.

The 'Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia' logo type uses Triplett CG.

Coloured Version

Original Colour |

Black Colour Only |

White Colour Only |

Original Colour Under the circumstances, the logo must remain using the original colour version.

Black or White Colour In a situation where it’s not suitable to use original colour version, black or white version can be used.

Arrangement of logo on the grid

The grid application is a technical guide in logo formation to solve any uncertainty and assure the consistency of its utilization. The logo and the word “Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia” should be ensured to not be used separately either in any form of magnification or reduction.

Example of logo detachment that is not allowed

Size Variation Examples

The application of proportioning as a technical guidance for the use of logo to be clear and ensure its uniformity.

The illustrations provided are among the sizes that are made evenly following their variation of uses.

The maximum size of logo is not limited but the side of the logo must be the same while the minimum size of when the logo is in in a legible size, also depends on the application size of the material that will be used according to the suitable ratio. For instance, the logo that is used on a pin.

Use of Logo for Technical Printing

Colours play an important role in assuring the uniformity of UTHM corporate identity to be more organised, well ordered and effective.

The illustrations above are some examples of UTHM logo in various coloured versions used on light and dark backgrounds.

Examples of prohibited logo modification

Guide on the use of accompaniment/occasion logo

The use of accompaniment/ occasion logo is a part of the university branding effort. Therefore, this accompaniment/ occasion logo should be used with the official UTHM logo, on every bunting, banner, backdrop or other promotional item throughout the event.

Here are the guidelines for using the accompaniment/ occasion logo with the UTHM logo placed on the left and the accompaniment/ occasion on the right.

The accompaniment/occasion logo CAN NOT be used without the UTHM logo.

  • The accompaniment/occasion logo should only be printed through artwork downloaded from the official UTHM portal.
  • The accompaniment/occasion logo cannot be reproduced in any way. Manipulation on any part is not allowed.
  • Any accompaniment/occasion logo used for commercial purposes is prohibited.

The position of the university logo along with the logo of the foreign agency in the joint program/occasion.

Examples of logo positions on banners and buntings

Example of graphic design and official logo layout only

The size of banner cannot be less or more than the University’s official 16” × 4” banner.

The University’s logo is not conditioned to any right, middle or left side as long as it is at the top with the suitable size.

The university logo has to have a white background.

UTHM logo position with Responsibility Center (PTj)

  • Equivalent logo can be positioned next to the official UTHM logo if the program/event is in collaboration between the university and government agency. Example: Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE)
  • Responsibility Centres (PTj)/ Department/ Division from the university that organized any form of program/ event must be positioned whether at the left, right or middle side with unconditional size.

Example of logo position on bunting

Every exhibitor should be consistent regarding the logo position through the use of main design element.

The university logo position on the bunting should be at the top centre.

The university logo has to have a white background.

The name or logo of the co-organizer/PTj should be at the bottom.

Corporate Motif

The University's Corporate Motif is the bamboo shoots. This motif has also been designed as university’s sculptures. Symbolizing the motif of the bamboo shoots is the university's vision and mission to become a university that continues to inspire and drive the nation through the education of science and technology.